BASP Round 1—Candlestick Park
I was incredibly excited for this race, coming off the Sacramento CX race the weekend before where i scored 10th. Laurel and I got to the course around noon, and not 5 minutes after unloading I ran into a friend who had just finished racing Single Speed As. The words out of his mouth were something like, “course hard, dudes way fast, be prepared, just saying, its ok if you don’t kill it.” Cool, so when I went out to pre-ride I had already quietly done my head in with the whole “this is BASP, and now you’re in Bs and its going to be insane” thing. I felt like I was going to be a rolling barrier for fast dudes. Pre-riding, I couldn’t ride the sand or ride the run-up, and I spent the interim before the race feeling overly concerned.

Lined up row 6, letting the fast dudes go first—mistake 1. Into the first turn some toad tried to ride up the inside by literally riding up my left leg—nice. Felt good once the race was underway, I pumped through all the sand, rode the run-up every time and slowly started picking dudes off. The distance was a lot shorter than Sacramento last weekend, when they said 2 to go on Sunday I was pumped. My plan was to hold position and then on the last lap really make a push. Luck wouldn’t have it, and going into the last turn to the start/finish to begin last lap my tube exploded and decided it wanted to get up close and personal with my cassette, and I pulled off and out of the race.

I checked the results today, and if I had held my position for the last lap—easy enough—I would have finished 23rd. Its racing so you can’t just make those assumptions but its comforting. Lessons learned, I’m not going to listen to dudes carry on about the challenges or get overly concerned—mistake 2, and next race I’m going to be right behind the call-ups and get a better start.