Santa Rosa Cup—Round 1

What a rad race. After the physical beating of last weekend’s double header, I took a few days off the bike prior to Saturday’s race. Santa Rosa round 1 was certainly no BASP, the course was so hazard free that even pre-riding was fun, laid back even. BASP courses—in general—are still difficult enough for me that they require enough focus to make everything seem much more serious. Saturday’s course was more about finding a good line and then doing a few laps to figure out how to ride it fast. The Golden Gate rides have been a huge help in riding faster while being on the brakes less. I was still timid off the line and ended up in the back pack and then lap one had some mega jam ups. All in all, I had a lot of fun, and experienced minimal pain from the elbow and hand. I got some passing in, and I was able to work on riding and racing as opposed to just trying to survive. I battled with Nick for laps, which was a lot of fun, to be able to go back and forth with a teammate and then celebrate it afterwards. Finished 24 of 42 which is much closer to my goal of top 20. Its still so cool to be racing in a class this year with so many friends after two years of solitary in Cs. Stoked to see everyone show up and thanks to Daryl for the race support. Next up: 4 weekends in November, and 4 races.

*Photo by Nick Gaetano