BASP 4—Candlestick Trippel

Man I’m tired! 6 races in 6 weeks. Two years ago I raced 4 times and called it a season. Last year I made it out 7 times including Sea Otter which didn’t take place until April. So I’m pretty happy with the number of races, finishes and overall effort  to date. But anyways, this was the BASP weekend, and the course, as everyone has said, was awesome. It was a good substitute for a cancelled Golden Gate race. I got my first call-up in Bs, and went out as best I could. Had an awesome race with Travis for a lap or so and then he was gone, leaving me in the dust. Stoked Brad came around once, and him and I hung the entire race which was cool to be not be utterly alone out there. Laurel said I looked a little mad, which I’m stoked about. I have a hard time being physically pumped up for the races. I really wish I could be 100% fire and brimstone off the line, I need to work on that. I did put an awesome pass on a guy from the outside going into a right hand turn. I realized I didn’t have as much room down the straight as I thought and had to shut the door on him hard. I felt his tire on my leg and he said something about me being nuts. So after the race I found him and apologized for the move, and dude said he was impressed. At the end of the race I had nothing left but I managed to sprint a guy to the line for a position, and even beat a roaring mouse guy who has been beating me all season, so a lot of firsts this weekend. Laurel, Cam, Daryl and the team thanks for the motivation, you guys never let me quit.

*Photo from Tim Westmore